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Black Beauty Latex Gloves  are a non-sterile, powder free, black examination glove used by tattoo artists, law enforcement and healthcare workers. The Black Beauty's attractive jet-black color has many benefits. For tattoo artist's and salon professionals, the black color hides messy ink and stains. For those in law enforcement the black color helps identify white powders and potentially harmful substances when searching vehicles and crime scenes. The textured surface offers better grip control when working with slippery instruments and helps reduce finger fatigue.   Black Beauty Glove Features Textured, Ambidextrous Fingers Sharp Black Color Non Sterile Soft, Comfortable Fit What is the most important fact about Black Beauty Latex Gloves The Black Beauty Gloves are an Examination gloves that hold higher standards when manufacturing than general purpose latex gloves. Examination Gloves are made for critical medical use and protect millions of healthcare workers on a daily basis.   Who Uses Black Latex Gloves The Black Beauty Gloves are commonly used by Tattoo Artists, Body Piercers and Salon Proffessionals as they conceal unsightly stains. These black latex gloves are an economical, high-quality option for gloves that are standard in this industry. These are 5 mil in thickness and are commonly used by all professionals who require durable, reliable protection.    Side effects for Latex Gloves Some people have allergic reactions to latex proteins and should not use latex gloves. Other types of examination gloves are available like vinyl or nitrile gloves. Mountainside Medical does offer Black Nitrile gloves to those who need to avoid latex. Stronger - Thicker - More Chemically Resistant Flash Chlorinated and Quadruple rinsed in both hot and cold water to remove all curing chemicals so hands don't sweat as much for better comfort and longer wear. Latex Free - Vinyl Free - MBT Free Textured palm and fingers makes holding onto your work a whole lot easier. Provides better barrier protection from: Oils - Fuels - Solvents - Cleaners - Chemicals - Transmission fluid 100% nitrile (acrylon nitrile, butadiene) Great for all KBS Coatings! High chemical and puncture resistance No offensive odor or taste Tape and labels do not stick to or tear gloves Unsurpassed comfort for extended wear

Rensow High Quality Gloves Black Beauty (medium) Pack of 100 (Nos )

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