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The Stayve Booster Starter Kit II offers many solutions that are suitable for all kinds of skin concerns. This is the perfect product for your microneedling treatments. The active ingredients in the booster penetrates deep into the skin through the fine pores on the skin's surface to increase absorption efficiency. The Stayve Booster Starter Kit ampoules can also be applied by hand, but the product stays on the skin's surface and does not provide the same results as when used with microneedling treatments. 


  • Clean the face.
  • Apply a small amount of Rose Toner to the face with a cotton pad.
  • Using a brush, apply a thick layer of the Stayve Exfoliating Gel.
  • Apply the Stayve Neutralizing Foam and massage the customers face for a few minutes.
  • Wash the face or wipe the product with a towel.
  • Apply the Booster Ampoule and use your microneedling pen, or you can only apply with a brush and leave for a few minutes on the skin.

You can use this product before your BB Glow treatment to improve the results. You can also use LED Light to improve the benefits of the Stayve Booster Starter Kit. The new Stayve Ampoule line us designed to provide long-lasting beauty. The collection of 5 ampoules are effective in :

  • moisturizing
  • brightening
  • anti-aging
  • wrinkle reduction
  • Expiration

  • expiration stated on the box

  • once opened use within 2 weeks and store in the fridge

STAYVE Booster Starter kit Ⅱ

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